The history of basketball began in the 19th century. The game has been growing in popularity, especially in the USA. Now, this game is the second most popular team game in the world. All you need is a ball, a flat, horizontal surface to play and, of course, a basketball system. Nevertheless, is there any advantages for assembling an outdoor basketball hoop for your backyard? Let’s consider some pros of owning one!

  • Improve your strength

Playing basketball on your backyard can help to burn calories (even just shooting hoops helps burn approximately 300 calories an hour. A standard game will burn 747 calories per hour). Moreover, it improves your endurance and stamina, boosts your concentration.

Don’t forget about your little ones!  They will have a reason to go outside, exercise and just have fun playing this game. You can give them a chance to get athletic skills and build a healthy body.

  • No monthly fees

You don’t need to pay fees if you just want to shoot hoops. Health club facility, community center or gym request to pay fees for access. Also, it’s very convenient because your personal basketball hoop will be available 24/7. You can make it easy or tough on yourself. Nevertheless, you must admit that the assembly and installation of a basketball hoop will save your money. In general, this game allows people to experience all the advantages of sports activity without requiring a lot of expensive equipment.


  • Family time

As much fun as it can be playing alone, it is much more fun with family and friends. If you have a hoop on your backyard, basketball will definitely become the game for the whole family. It doesn’t matter what‘s your skill level, enjoy spending time with your kids and playing with them. You can teach your children during the game: teamwork, critical thinking, fair play, and a positive attitude. There are many basketball games for everyone (like H-O-R-S-E, Around-the-World, Twenty one or Lightning)

  • Cool out

Some problems at work or, maybe, times get tough? A game of basketball is a great way to let the steam off when things are going badly. Just focus on the game and relax. In the gym or on a public court you will not be able to avoid noisy people and their peering eyes.

  • Just have fun

Just fun! Enough said! It’s high time to get out there and play!

Have you already convinced that an Outdoor basketball hoop could benefit your family?

If you are planning to assemble a basketball hoop and system on your property, please, feel welcome to contact us! Basketballs Installers has been doing it for 15 years with a focus on quality service and competitively low prices.  With Basketball Installers you can successfully train to defeat your opponents from your own backyard!

How to choose a basketball goal

A lot of people don’t feel like their homes are complete without having a basketball goal in it. Now, it is easier to find the exact setup that best suits your playing style and space, than it was before. Who will play on the basketball system, whether you are just looking to play around or you are up for a serious basketball game, are what determine the type of backboard system to buy.

Basically, basketball systems are of three types. You can buy combination systems, portable systems, and in-ground pole systems.

There is a lot more to a basketball hoop than a rim and backboard. All the essential components have a lot of variations.


Basketball goal

Goalrilla In-ground basketball hoop

They are of various materials; transparent plastic, graphite, resin or acrylic.

Graphite and fiberglass backboards are really like real indoor baskets, though, they get damaged easily.

The acrylic ones are a lot like regular indoor baskets, although, they are not as firm as the other materials. In fact, most of them come with a support made of a steel frame.

Sizes range from 40 to 54 inches. Some are as huge as 72 inches. For beginners, it is better to purchase the larger sizes.

They are usually fan-shaped or rectangular. The rectangular ones allow for more room to shoot. They also cost a bit more. The fan-shaped backboards are more streamlined. There’s no room enough for bank shots, though.


The basketball rims have a diameter of 18 inches. The solid steel support ought to have a diameter of at least ½ inch for durability.

Every rim has net clips for holding on to the net

Steel net hooks that are welded have a stronger hold on the net and they won’t break.

A lot of rims today have breakaway net clips to avoid injury.

You should look for a rim that is spring-loaded and gives pressure just like the prostyle baskets.

The breakaway rim is another variation. It releases the rim when there’s pressure on it. This will prevent breakage of the backboard.


More often than not, the net is made of all-weather nylon mesh cord.

It is attached to the rim by looping it through hooks on the rim made for the net.

Things You Need to Consider

The Adjustability

An important feature of home basketball systems is the ability to adjust rim height to the comfortability of who is playing.

If players of different skill levels and heights will be using it, consider purchasing an adjustable system.

You should search for a system that lets you adjust it without a need for tools, and with very little effort.

The Portability

If you will need to move the basket to various places, you should look for a system that is specifically designed for portability. The fact that a system has wheels does not mean it is portable.

Go for a system that can fold up so that it can be wheeled easily to another spot.

Bases on systems that are portable have to be filled with sand or water + base gel.

Basketball Installation Help

At Any Assembly, we specialize in getting basketball goal installed the right way. If you’re in the Maryland, Washington, D.C., Southern Pennsylvania or Northern Virginia area and interested in hooping, get in touch.

Our professional staff can help you assemble or install a basketball hoop in your front or back yard. In addition, we can aid you with basketball hoop repair as well as moving your hoops from your old home to the new. From concrete court creation, in-ground hoops, portable goals and more, we’re ready to get the kids outside the house and moving around again.

Pоrtаblе Bаѕkеtbаll Hoops Bеnеfitѕ

Fоr a lоng timе, bаѕkеtbаll hаѕ been соnѕidеrеd as one оf the widely рlауеd ѕроrtѕ in various countries. It is оnе оf thе rеаѕоnѕ thаt mаnу hоmеоwnеrѕ орt to hаvе thеir own basketball ѕуѕtеm within their рrореrtу in order tо рlау thе game withоut hаving tо wоrrу about the timе to uѕе it. Chооѕing the right basketball equipment should be highly rеgаrdеd to fullу enjoy a ѕесurе and ѕаfе game every timе. It iѕ nоw vеrу роѕѕiblе tо соmе асrоѕѕ a wide vаriеtу оf bаѕkеtbаll ѕуѕtеmѕ whiсh рrоvidе уоu mаnу орtiоnѕ tо сhооѕе frоm. The роrtаblе bаѕkеtbаll hоорѕ hаvе become a popular сhоiсе with a lot оf people ѕinсе they оffеr much ease.

Mаnу hоmеоwnеrѕ inѕtаll a bаѕkеtbаll hoop outside thе house, еithеr in thе drivеwау оr in the уаrd. Thе роrtаblе kind оf gоаl ѕуѕtеm iѕ ѕееn tо hаvе сrеаtеd a ѕignifiсаnt impact in the mаrkеt given thаt it саn be еаѕilу transported аnуwhеrе. In the еvеnt thаt thе family mоvеѕ tо another рlасе, the ѕуѕtеm can bе quiсklу diѕаѕѕеmblеd аnd ѕеt up аgаin. The bеѕt thing about hаving this hoop iѕ thаt it dоеѕ nоt rеquirе tо bе cemented on thе grоund оr to be permanently аttасhеd оntо thе building. Thiѕ ѕуѕtеm саn be ѕеt uр оn virtuаllу аnу ѕurfасе аnd саn bе detached аnуtimе уоu wаnt.

Pоrtаblе Bаѕkеtbаll Hoops Assembly – Basketballs Installers

The роrtаblе bаѕkеtbаll hоорѕ are аvаilаblе in just аbоut thе ѕаmе рriсе with the реrmаnеnt systems. Whеn уоu purchase the equipment, it would usually include a рlаѕtiс bаѕе fillеd with wаtеr or sand, a metal роlе, a rim with a nеt, and a bасkbоаrd. Thеrе аrе ѕеvеrаl ѕеlесtiоnѕ fоr the bасkbоаrd, whiсh may bе made out of plastic, fibеrglаѕѕ, glass оr ѕоmе оthеr components. Additiоnаllу, the boards саn соmе in a rесtаngulаr fоrm оr реrhарѕ in thе ѕhаре оf a fаn in diffеrеnt ѕizеѕ. Thе 42-inch bасkbоаrdѕ аrе commonly utilized in rеѕidеntiаl areas, whilе thе 72-inсh bоаrdѕ аrе idеаl fоr usage in ѕсhооl courts. Thеrе are аlѕо hoops with whееlѕ аt their bаѕеѕ, whiсh are designed fоr еаѕу portability.

Pоrtаblе Bаѕkеtbаll Hoops Spalding

Spalding portable basketball hoop

Obtаining the роrtаblе bаѕkеtbаll hоорѕ fоr sale offers уоu lеѕѕ hassle in lооking fоr a рlасе tо inѕtаll thеm. Thеrе are vаriоuѕ орtiоnѕ as tо whеrе tо ѕеt uр the bаѕkеtbаll ѕуѕtеm, just likе in drivеwауѕ, whiсh are thе mоѕt соmmоn places, раrking аrеаѕ and in bасk аllеуѕ. Priоr to installing thе hоор, it iѕ imроrtаnt tо take intо consideration ѕignifiсаnt thingѕ tо еnѕurе gооd placement. Yоu hаvе tо сhооѕе a grоund with a plain surface area in оrdеr tо аvоid the роѕѕibilitу оf gеtting into аn accident during a game. In саѕе thе area hаѕ cracks, it iѕ аdviѕаblе tо rераir thеm firѕt before рlасing thе hоор.

In-Ground Basketball hoop – One Day Installation

There аrе lots оf portable basketball hoops thаt you can readily buy in ѕроrt rеtаilеrѕ. Hаving thiѕ system in уоur оwn рrореrtу provides you рlеntу оf benefits thаt you аnd уоur whоlе fаmilу саn tаkе рlеаѕurе in. Plауing bаѕkеtbаll iѕ соnѕidеrеd аѕ a good fоrm of еxеrсiѕе аѕ well as a great саrdiоvаѕсulаr workout. It hеlрѕ rеduсе ѕоmе health risks аnd рrоmоtеѕ a hеаlthу lifestyle. Sinсе it iѕ vеrу portable, it enables thе рlауеrѕ tо еnjоу a bаѕkеtbаll game in соnvеniеnt places bеѕidеѕ playing in the gуm or реrhарѕ on a full соurt. Thiѕ type оf hoop саn рrоvidе you reliable ѕtаbilitу to give you a mоrе еxсiting gаmе.

Anyone who has played basketball can attest to the greatness that comes with having a private basketball hoop installed at your compound. Here are some reasons as to why you should consider getting one.

1. It’s a perfect way to exercise

Installation of a basketball hoop in your compound, whether in-ground or portable is an effective way of shedding of the extra weight and tone your body. The sport allows you to burn a lot of calories as it requires one to be constantly on the move approaching the basket or trying to block someone who is by either jumping, cutting, running, sliding, etc. Unlike using a treadmill, playing on your driveway basketball hoop is more fun as it also offers an opportunity to socialize and bond with friends.

2. Great way to end a stressful day

A game of basketball is a great way to relieve stress after a tough day. It even gets better if you can do it from the comfort of your home without the screaming or prying eyes you are sure to encounter if you do it at a gym or public court.

3. It boosts the value of your Property

Installation of a high-quality basketball court in your property makes your home the envy of all your neighbors. If you are looking to sell your home in the future, a private basketball court can serve to influence potential buyers to close a deal. Basketball lovers will love the idea of having a court at their disposal at any time of the day.

4. Improves balance and body coordination

Basketball is a mental game that requires intense concentration, precision, and accuracy. By putting up a basketball playing area in your home, you can learn to improve your coordination skills.

5. Helps perfect your basketball skills

If you are practicing for a basketball game, buying a basketball hoop for home use is a great way of perfecting your skills. As long as you have a ball, you can practice dribbling, handling and shooting even if you are by yourself, giving you an obvious advantage over other players.

6. Enhances your family’s fun time

Installing a basketball hoop encourages a family to spend more time together as the sport can be played by anyone regardless of their skill level. Everyone gets a chance to get outside and engage with one another, for an intimate and fulfilling outdoor experience. Having your own full or half-court basketball area will give your family a reason to want to venture outdoors and maximize their time there rather than staying indoors.

7. Improved Safety

By having your own basketball installed in your compound, you can rest easy knowing that your kids are their playmates are safe and secure as they will be playing under your watch. Many of the neighborhood and community center basket hoops are poorly installed and lack regular maintenance posing a safety hazard for your kids.

8. Boosts Confidence

Every time you set out to play the game with friends and successfully shoot the ball into the hoop, your confidence level greatly improves and eventually translates in your overall personality. Confidence allows you to approach life with an improved disposition.

9. Improves Social Skills

The social growth of your kids will be improved as kids will come together to play giving them an opportunity to meet new people and create new friendships.

10. Offers strength training

Engaging in a game of basketball offers an excellent body workout that leads to development of muscles. Older boys would love the idea of flaunting some muscles and girls will be happy to tone their bodies.

If you decide to install a basketball hoop at your property, contact basketballs Installers.

“Basketball installers” is a basketball system installation company. We are experts in in-ground basketball installation, portable basketball hoop assembly, and gymnasium basketball hoop installation. We do both indoor and outdoor installation. The company prides itself in having a team of professionally skilled installers who understand the needs of the basketball

With “Basketball Installers,” you are one call away from shooting hoops. Whether you purchased a brand new basketball hoop or found a second-hand hoop, our professional installation team will assemble the pole, backboard, rim, and net. Most importantly, they will mount the pole firmly into the ground – if required. “Basketballs Installers” provide commercial and residential basketball hoops installation service in Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern VA areas.

When considering a basketball goal and court, you have the following options to choose from:

  • Portable

  • In ground

  • roof mounted, or wall mounted

Portable hoop

A portable hoop component stands alone and consists of a base, backboard, rim and a pole with an adjustable bracket for the accommodation of shorter players. The base is installed with wheels that make the entire unit easily portable, and once it is in the desired location, you fill the base with sand or water to make it stable and steady.

A portable hoop does not require installers to dig a hole or mount the backboard and hoop to any structure, such as a wall or roof, therefore, when compared to the other options, the portable hoop is less sturdy.

Roof mounted, or wall mounted 

The conventional combination system comprises of the rim, backboard and mounting kit for mounting the hoop to the house wall or roof. These two combination systems are more stable and require expert hands to install because they are mostly permanent. The wall mounted, or roof mounted installations will take up less space. We have the right experts to get it done for you.

In-ground pole

An in-ground basketball court is the most stable kind of installation and takes up a lesser amount of space compared to a portable unit, but it demands more skillful work to have it installed. The pole is cemented permanently into a hole in the ground to give it a strong base. Therefore, once you install the in-ground pole, it will be hard to remove. The in-ground court accommodates a more rigid backboard, which can give more bounce and realistic play.

“Basketball Installers” offer quality basketball goal installations, custom for the people Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern VA. Our installation team has a vast experience and knowledge on basketball courts and hoop installations. With the experience and skill, “Basketball Installers” continues to provide the best quality service and customer care in the business. We have the best installers; it is hard to get such prowess in basketball loops and installations anywhere.

If you want to shoot those hoops in your driveway with a portable goal or permanent basketball goal, then giving us a call will be your best decision. We will get it installed for you at an affordable cost, and according to your particular needs. We are available for same day or next day services.

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